My stay here at Odd Fellow & Rebekah has been very, very pleasant.  I had a few problems which were quickly remedied.  My room was very, very comfortable.  It is excellent and the nurses are too both RN’s and LPN’s.  I haven’t had one bad encounter with any of my nurses including night shift and neither have any of my friends that I have made here.

I would especially like to thank the aides that took care of me.  Some of them are Char (Charlene Johnson) and Melissa (Melissa McKenzie).  Char goes above and beyond to make me more comfortable and Melissa on day shift is very polite and always checks to see if i need anything.  Then there is Lorrie (Lorrie Alexander) on 2nd shift.  She is kind and is always willing to help.  Don’t forget about night shift, Renee (Renee Sibolski) and Rita (Rita Torres) are great!  As soon as i put my call light on, they are right there in a second.  They are always so pleasant whenever I see them.

All of the departments are wonderful.  They work as a team.  The kitchen staff got the meals together and delivered them, and they were delicious.  The cook is excellent!  I want to thank everyone for the wonderful service and care I received while I was getting stronger.  I will miss staying here, but it is time to go home.

Sincerely yours,

Erma Nowack