Click to start the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab admissions process

The process of moving a loved one to a skilled facility can be stressful. It is our goal to make the transition a smooth one for you and your family.

The following information is required prior to admission at Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab:

  • Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen Services
  • History and physical
  • Financial application

If your loved one is in the hospital, inform the hospital social worker of your interest in Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab. The social worker will notify our admission staff. If your loved one is at home, a nursing agency can complete the PRI and screen.

Before applying, we encourage families to take a tour of Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab. You can call in advance to schedule an appointment or stop by the facility and we would be happy to give you a tour.

For rehab patients wishing to prearrange a stay at Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab, contact our Admissions Department. Our staff will schedule a tour, introduce you to the Therapy Department and answer your insurance questions.

To schedule a tour, call Lisa Lundy at (716) 434-6324, ext. 3049.