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Subacute Rehab

We’ll help you recover, strengthen and ultimately return home


Skilled Nursing

Families and residents find comfort in the care they receive


Respite Care

A short stay may be exactly what a loved one and their family needs to reenergize


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At Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab,
I have had the great pleasure of leading the growth of our facility as a premier Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Center.

The Odd Fellow Organization takes pride in providing a home for the aged, based on the philosophy of Friendship, Love and Truth. These principles are still followed today.

It is our mission to enrich the lives
of our residents and inspire our community by giving exceptional care with compassion, dignity and respect.

We also strive to provide the most accountable, benevolent and hospitable service to our residents. We feel each resident is unique and care is provided according to his or her needs, abilities, disabilities and potential.

Our dedicated Board of Directors and staff ensure that our mission, goals, values and beliefs are fulfilled to provide the best care possible.

I invite you to learn more about our organization or contact us directly.

Eugene L. Urban

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quote-left At Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab, we knew mom would be in good hands. quote-right

Read what our residents and their families have experienced.